About Us

Supplying a unique range of services that fulfil a critical part of the modern mineral and industrial manufacturing process with resultant stakeholder demands and responsibilities, Tailex is adequately positioned to provide a range of solutions to all residue deposal, storage and bulk materials handling requirements. With international capability, Tailex is capable of becoming a crucial component to the residue management team of most mining and process corporate’s.

Tailex provides sustainable, cost effective, and responsible solutions that reflect and adhere to corporate residue management responsibilities and standards. By remaining constantly innovative in thought processes and utilising the latest thinking regarding the safe and responsible means to store residue indefinitely, Tailex offers unique “client based” solutions that will save time, money and reduce risk. Led by the dynamic duo of Gary Wills and Denzyl Pearse, who both possess numerous years of experience in the residue management field, Tailex will ultimately form an indispensable part of the management team to any organisation with residue disposal needs.

We have a strongly relationship focus and constantly strive to provide a client requirement based approach, to projects rather than a prescriptive solution as provided by some of our competitors.

We operate a flat managment structure that allows us to reduce our overheads significantly, which translates into savings to the client. We endeavor to provide knowledgeable expertise to all the projects that we may be involved with, this is done through providing the client with people that are both experts in their field and who are supremely diligent in what they do and how they approach their respective tasks.